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Sometime China resident now back in BC! I have specialized in delivering Business English services in NE China for the last 8 years. My base has been Dalian, Liaoning.

My 77 year old mind

Yes I think about death; I read about it and see movies about it; and, think about my own death. I also see mind images of my past indiscretions, which is the polite word for infidelity!

Some word or idea today will trigger mental visits to my past actions and inactions. My mind will thread through images of past relationships. Most of the time it will start and stop with Lise L and the 20 some years we knew each other, mentally, carnally. I wonder if she is still alive, how she is, what she does with her days?

These days I spend a lot of time thinking about my upcoming trip to Istria and Venice. I will spend about 20 hours in bella venezia! Overnight at the Albergo Doge and take the train from Opatija to Venice and back!

The seaside of Opatija

The seaside of Opatija (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Venice (Photo credit: A Roger Davies)

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy (Photo credit: kh1234567890)

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Maybe my last tourism trip

A few months ago I realized that I had a few extra thousand in my bank account and wondered what to do with it. So I researched and booked a trip to Opatija, a well known destination in Istria, Croatia.

Opatija (1) - Croatia - Croacia

Opatija (1) – Croatia – Croacia (Photo credit: Paco CT)

I soon realized that I could undertake a day visit to Venice by train (a 2 hour ride). So I booked a hotel for one night (Albergo Doge) and seats on the train from Trieste to Venice.

Venice, Italy (NASA, International Space Stati...

Venice, Italy (NASA, International Space Station Science, 03/15/07) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)


Venice. (Photo credit: Valerio “Dokka” D’Introno.)

I say “maybe my last tourism trip” in my title because I am 77 and I am finding it harder to walk for extended periods. But I have never been to Venice or the Dalmatian coastline and look forward to seeing places I’ve not been yet.

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Vancouver views


Vancouver (Photo credit: ecstaticist)

To my friends and followers here is a gallery of views of Vancouver.


As you can see water, sea water, is a big part of our viewscape. Yes, it is a visually beautiful city!

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May 10, 1940 only 72 years ago

Top left: German Panzer IV tanks passing throu...

Top left: German Panzer IV tanks passing through a town in France Top right: German soldiers marching past the Arc de Triomphe after the surrender of Paris, 14 June 1940 Middle left: French soldiers on the Maginot Line Bottom left: British and French prisoners at Veules-les-Roses, France Bottom right: Column of French Renault 35 tanks at Sedan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes that was the day that my jumbly life in France began coming to an inglorious end.

I was soon travelling with my mother to fetch my older brother and sister who were in private schools southwest of Paris. While in Verneuil-s-Avre my mother gave birth to my sister Annette on May 16. In seven hectic days we went from life in Paris to being on the run from the Nazi Panzers heading to the southwest of France.

Whatta time! Yes we got out, by the skin of our whatevers. We got out by ship from Bayonne around June 25, 1940 and arrived in Halifax via Plymouth, London and Greenoch on July 13, 1940.

The next 40some years of my life were an uncertain quest for a personal sense of confidence in myself and my future.

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I am 76 and it surprises even me sometimes!



Yesterday, I was introduced to an attractive and much younger Chinese woman, Cici.

When I told her, to answer her question to me, that I was 76 she said that seemed impossible to her. She talked about my mental alertness and clear eye for business detail. I confess I felt flattered again and deep inside my soul a sense of satisfaction that my life didn’t seem wasted to her!

Since I met her with an acquaintance who was trying to recruit me into a new Chinese product pyramid scheme, I admit I am being sorely tempted to join based on her words and appearance. Women do that to me!

When I described the scheme to E she was immediately and derisively dismissive referring to my own past bad experiences with this kind of venture. But here about 10 hours later I can still recapture that nice feeling and her attractive personality. She brimmed with optimism and good thoughts about me and about how I might work with her and her associates. So tempting!!!

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Countdown in Dalian!

Traditional Chinese medicine shop in Tsim Sha ...

Old Chinese medical chart on acupuncture meridians
Old Chinese medical chart on acupuncture meridians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is April 30, which is Income Tax Submission deadline in Canada and 15 days till I leave Dalian to return to BC for the “rest of my life”. My wife asked me last night if I wanted her to arrange a party of friends to mark my leaving. I suggested to her that I wasn’t the best person to have an opinion about that.

A few weeks ago I had a wine tasting to which I invited about 15 people and less than 10 turned up. So I am not overly anxious to have another of those parties in my name.

Funny thing happened yesterday with HodgeZ. He met a lady who deals in Chinese medicine to treat diabetics and high BP. She is kinda short or petite in a very Chinese way with glasses and an earnest “I can help you” look! Hodge had the same face, except he meant that this lady would help me more than Western meds. He called me at around 12:30 and insisted that I meet him and her at Central Perk. Bizarre!

She has returned to Dalian after spending 2 years in Dubai dispensing her Chinese medicine stuff! Her 55 yr old brother is her main support in this business. Again bizarre!

I told her to call E and E shooed her away!

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