My 77 year old mind

Yes I think about death; I read about it and see movies about it; and, think about my own death. I also see mind images of my past indiscretions, which is the polite word for infidelity!

Some word or idea today will trigger mental visits to my past actions and inactions. My mind will thread through images of past relationships. Most of the time it will start and stop with Lise L and the 20 some years we knew each other, mentally, carnally. I wonder if she is still alive, how she is, what she does with her days?

These days I spend a lot of time thinking about my upcoming trip to Istria and Venice. I will spend about 20 hours in bella venezia! Overnight at the Albergo Doge and take the train from Opatija to Venice and back!

The seaside of Opatija

The seaside of Opatija (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Venice (Photo credit: A Roger Davies)

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy (Photo credit: kh1234567890)

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