Maybe my last tourism trip

A few months ago I realized that I had a few extra thousand in my bank account and wondered what to do with it. So I researched and booked a trip to Opatija, a well known destination in Istria, Croatia.

Opatija (1) - Croatia - Croacia

Opatija (1) – Croatia – Croacia (Photo credit: Paco CT)

I soon realized that I could undertake a day visit to Venice by train (a 2 hour ride). So I booked a hotel for one night (Albergo Doge) and seats on the train from Trieste to Venice.

Venice, Italy (NASA, International Space Stati...

Venice, Italy (NASA, International Space Station Science, 03/15/07) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)


Venice. (Photo credit: Valerio “Dokka” D’Introno.)

I say “maybe my last tourism trip” in my title because I am 77 and I am finding it harder to walk for extended periods. But I have never been to Venice or the Dalmatian coastline and look forward to seeing places I’ve not been yet.

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